Ziua Armistițiului

My boss and I enter Cimitirul Bellu

German, Bulgarian, and French Ceremony to Commemorate Their Fallen in Romania

Each year, in conjunction with Armistice Day, the embassies of Germany, Hungary, and France hold a joint ceremony to commemorate the lives of their soldiers who lost their lives in Romania during World Wars I and II.  The ceremony takes place at two separate cemeteries: a German cemetery, founded in 1917, and at the largest cemetery in Bucharest, Cimitrul Bellu, where a small section is dedicated to fallen French military members.

As is standard for these types of events, wreaths are laid at the foot of the monument on behalf of dozens of different government and civic institutions.  It’s a somber mood, and one that conveys the required respect and dignity befitting the event.

It’s a long day, but an interesting one.  This year, the weather was quite nice, beginning the day under still, low clouds, but breaking into bright sunshine soon after the ceremony began.

Some great photographs can be seen on the site immediately below.  (I’m marginally visible in the 4th and 5th photos.)

Comemorarea victimelor războaielor

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