Adventures in Food 2

Velőscsont…A Hungarian Delicacy

I was finally dragged out of Bucharest by a co-worker last weekend and visited the city of Brasov.  I need to write a separate piece about the city, but suffice it to say that, lying north of the Carpathian mountains (or sort of still in them), the city retains a bit of Hungarian influence.  (Years ago, the are belonged to Hungary, but was subsumed by Romania after the dissolution of Austria-Hungary post-World War I.)

So my friend dragged me to a Hungarian restaurant, where I decided to give a whack at some traditional food.  Food is food, right?  Giving a go at what I thought were some ribs, I was perplexed when the waiter told me that she could bring out just one bone at a time to make sure that I liked it.  “That’s odd.  Why would you do that?”  I thought.  The prices were relatively inexpensive, and I didn’t want to seem like an uncultured American, so I refused in favor of a full order of whatever it was that I was ordering.

Then this showed up….

Those are bones (cow or pig, I can’t recall), with boiled marrow on the inside.  Yum!  The gelatinous marrow is meant to be scooped out (kind of difficult, actually, with just normal utensils) and spread on toasted bread.  The bread was quite delicious, the bone marrow less so.  The marrow itself was rather bland, rendering the dish not all that exciting.  And the texture–a jelly-like colloid–was less than appealing.  It’s considered a delicacy in Hungary.  I imagine that’s only because it takes a long time to make.  I would spin the same tale if I spent all day slaving over it.

All in all, I probably won’t ever order this again.  I’m glad I tried it and experienced it, but there wasn’t much to draw me back again in the future.

Taste = 2/5 stars
Adventure Factor = 4/5 stars

Overall score = 3.5 stars

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